Hi! I'm Ali Kate. Living and hustling in ATX.

What's up friend?! I'm Ali and this is my smokin' husband, Trevor. Most days you can find me singing, eating tacos, blaring music, stealing my husband's fries, working out, watching re-runs of Law & Order SVU/The Office and trying to make brussels sprouts like they do at restaurants.

I married my best friend about a year ago and we're part of the Creative Team on the Austin campus of Real Life. You can usually find us driving with the windows down and a rap battle in progress.

I started #DarlingForAWeekend in 2015 on a whim and am loving the journey. I believe in the power of real and never want Instagram's little squares to make it look like I have it all together. I want women to know that they are enough. That perfection doesn't exist. That they're beautiful when they're being who they were made to be. 

✌🏽️Here's a little peek into my life and the things that I love. Thanks for hanging out at Darling For A Weekend!