What I'm Learning

There's a lot of growth happening right now and I'm not just talking about my baby bump. I'm growing as I learn to rely on Jesus in this time of waiting. Waiting to see where we will move within the next few months, what parenthood will be like, what God wants for us in the coming years. 

I'm a planner, sometimes to a fault. I desire to know what my life will look like next week, month, year. My mind constantly process different situations, planning things the way I want them.

It's kind of funny, right? That we spend time contemplating the future as if we actually know what will happen. Mulling over "what ifs" only allows us to worry about things that aren't worth it. 

SO, I'm learning to let go. When I clench my fists around my will, I hinder God from doing His. Instead of asking God to give me a Pinterest-perfect life, I'm asking Him to guide me in a life that glorifies Him.

Here's to going with the flow, buying more succulents and trusting Jesus like never before.

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