Dealing With Mean Girls

I love a good Tina Fey movie and although Mean Girls is exaggerated, it's not insanely far off. Not all mean girls wear pink on Wednesdays, sometimes they come disguised in perfectly normal and non-plastic packages. I've been dealing with mean girls since third grade. I know I'm not alone. I used to think girls outgrew their cattiness after middle school but then I got on with my life. And guess what. I thought wrong.

Mean girls turn into mean women.

It starts with being uninvited to sleepovers and continues with being gossiped about all the way to the nursing home. So if it's practically inevitable, what are we supposed to do about it? After losing different groups of friends over the years, I'm taking steps to protect against mean girl antics. 

I respect myself more. I stopped being okay with friends that talked behind my back, were jokingly rude to my face, or wrongly handled situations in the name of being biblical. I'll admit though, even this hasn't saved me from the heartache of friend-breakups (which can definitely be worse than romantic breakups).

I don't apologize for being myself. No matter what you do, people will talk crap. They'll get mad, they'll gossip, they'll leave your side. If your friends are included in this... Are they still your friends? The answer should be 'no.'

I hold on to the good ones. I have a lot of 'friends' but my inner circle is small. That's not by coincidence. Everyone needs someone they can be their real, ugly-crying, burden sharing, belly laughing self with. Find girls who keep you accountable, pray for you, encourage you, inspire you and will speak the truth in love to you. Even if one of these girls hurts you, if you trust her heart, you're able to move on and continue growing.

I don't let the past hold me back. The worst mean girls are the ones you don't see coming. The girls with two faces- one you don't see until it's too late. You laugh, you cry and you make memories but then, she turns out to be someone else. This kind of makes me want to hide in my room forever. Since that's not really a realistic option, I've had to choose to start again. I can't let pain from old friends keep me from finding happiness with new ones.

I work on being better. As I grow as a person, I'm always realizing new flaws. I don't believe there is a 'perfect friend' and I've never claimed to be one. All I can do is work to become the best one I can be. 

Bottom Line:

You will always deal with mean girls. Be you. Forget them.