Nursery Tour

Welp. This is my fourth day in early labor. Already being 3cm dilated, our doctor told me to lay low so that Ivy could have a few more days of extra lung development. I'll be 38 weeks this weekend and then all of these cramps and contractions are welcome to turn into active labor.

Since I've been lounging around, double-cleaning our house and watching SVU reruns, I thought I'd share a little about our nursery. I wanted a cozy space that was boho but sophisticated but mainly, I wanted a space that would feel good to be in for lots of songs, cuddles and giggles. Although there are several things we still need and a few more gaps to fill, the fun part of any space is that it's never really 'done.'

*Links to shop are down below

We found this bar cart at an online garage sale! Add on some new knobs and it's perfect as a changing table with extra storage. The 70's wall hangs are my FAVE flee market find. They're rare but I found one on Etsy and linked it below.

No room is complete without house plants, amiright? I wanted some deep green to brighten up the space and the guys at Tillery Place hooked me up with a low-light tree.

I made prints to save some money and love how they turned out. I wanted a short quote and came up with "You're a fire, baby." I hope it reminds Ivy that she is wild, bright, free. Contagious, illuminating and unstoppable. 

One of our sweet friends from Corpus made this canvas bag & it just happens to look perfect with our awesome teething beads

This room has TEENY storage spaces so we opted to use the space under the crib also. These white wire bins are perfect and can be found in the office section of IKEA.

Decorating practical shelving in a kid's room is tough but I used the books she won't read for awhile as decor and Trevor got real excited about "Project Baby Monitor."