In-Home Teeth Whitening

Coffee basically flows through our veins meaning it also affects our teeth. For awhile, Trevor and I talked about whitening but being worried about our sensitive teeth (and budget), we kept putting it off. When Smile Brilliant came along, we couldn't pass it up! Because of baby Ivy, only Trevor did this round but after seeing the results, I'm up next. *insert a bunch of heart eye emojis

The process begins with custom whitening trays done easily through the mail. After that, it's a few nights of whitening before dun-dun-dun-dun..... The change is evident!

There are so many options for teeth whitening but ain't nobody got time to go to the dentists that often. After this, I'm all on board for at home whitening. Because of the custom-fitted trays, gone are the days of coffee stains and dull color! Woohoo.