I Don't Want To Be Pretty

Skimming through YouTube recently, I came across a video from Sadie Robertson. In one of her empowering vlogs, she said something that struck me, "Our bodies weren't made to be trophies. They were made to serve, to love, to run, to hug."

She had a point. Not a popular point but a good one. The idea that our bodies were made just to look a certain way is deeply woven into our society. But get this: your body wasn't made to look pretty. There's nothing wrong with wanting to eat healthy, workout, wear makeup or feel your best but that isn't what your body was made for. 

The macaroni that has a lot of carbs, the bike rides that give your knees scars, the babies that give your stomach cellulite, the late nights that give your eyes circles, the takeout that makes your face bloated, the sun that gives you dark spots, the smiles that give you wrinkles, they all make up your life. Your life that's full of moments made sweeter by laughter, food and friendship.

Aim for your life to be great more than you aim for your body to be great.

Most days, I eat healthy and workout BUT the nights I stay up late talking and eating ice-cream with my girls will be the ones that I remember most. So yeah, I don't want to pretty if it means that I'm miserable. Is there a balance? Of course. Eat salad and do squats but don't feel like you always have to turn down the donut just to save your abs. Live the moments of your life and don't forget that you are more than skin and bones.



Real TalkAli