Tryin' Out Rocksbox

This was my first month using Rocksbox, an online jewelry rental service. I created an account and made a wish list of my favorite pieces (which kinda felt like Christmas). Then, several days later.. dun, dun, dun, my box showed up!

My stylist sent me three pieces; one from my wish list and two that she picked out. This month, I got geometric studs, a gold hassle necklace and a turquoise & bronze necklace. *Insert thumbs up emojis 

I can keep the jewelry for as long as I want and send it back when I'm ready (or buy what want to keep). And guess what. If you use promo code "darlingforaweekendxoxo" you get your first month free!

It's only $19 a month and you can cancel at any time. Try it out & get some great additions to your wardrobe.