House Plant Obsession

We used to not even be able to keep succulents alive but now, we've grown to be some pretty good plant parents. Here are some of our favorite house plants & tips on how to care for them! 

Fiddle-Leaf Ficus

HomeGoods | Basket

  • Good amount of indirect light
  • Two cups of water every 2-3 days to let water reach the roots but not drown them.
  • Leaves wiped down with damp paper towel every week or two
  • John Dromgoole Fertilizer (purchase at your local nursery) once a month

String of Pearls

NFS | Macrame Hanger

  • Direct, bright light
  • Temperatures around 72 degrees
  • Minimal water

Mini Cacti

  • Bright sunlight
  • Temperatures around 75 degrees
  • Sprayed with water once a week

Snake Plant

Dwell Store | Ceramic Planter

  • Indirect light in a bright room
  • Two cups of water once a week
  • Can use general fertilizer

Rubber Tree

Home Depot | Terra Cotta Pot

  • Medium amount of life (Ex: by a curtained window)
  • Water twice a week during the spring and once every other week during the dormant season
  • Leaves wiped down with a damp paper town every week or two