Bombshell Bomber

Hi friends! I met up with Amy Melsa to shoot this look and after a location change, we ended up behind a strip mall. Employees looked at us suspiciously and it smelled like trash but we still captured some fun moments. 

My inner Miley was coming out during this photoshoot. I guess hot pink lipstick and mini-buns will do that to a person. I love this bomber jacket. It's the bomb. [See what I did there.] You can dress these up or down and they're warm but perfect for layering. Mine is olive but also comes in 5 other colors.

I love this shirt. I bought it from a thrift shop and cut it into a tank. Best $5 ever. My tip: always look in the men's section at thrift shops, they usually have options than women's.

Shop this look + these staple booties below.

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